Month: June 2016

Benefits of Roller Shutters

June 20, 2016

  Whenever people get together and have a conversation where the topic of roller shutters arises, there is invariably someone who says something like, “Sure, they can keep out burglars, but who wants to run around the house every night and every morning opening and shutting them?” This attitude not only wrongly disparages the product […]

Five ways to reduce your energy bill

June 20, 2016

  With fuel costs rising rapidly around the World, more and more people are contemplating ways to reduce their energy bills. Following are five steps that can result in dramatically lower heating and cooling costs for any household. 1) Learn to Live with It This means develop the ability to push your comfort level a […]

Tinted windows vs roller shutters

June 20, 2016

For the uninformed, tinted windows seem to be an inexpensive solution to a variety of problems. Sadly, they do not realize that the benefits they think exist with window tint are either woefully inadequate or absent altogether. In contrast, those who opt for roller shutters enjoy a product that serves these purposes far more completely. […]

Fire Rated Roller Shutters A Must Have During Bush Fire Season.

June 20, 2016

Did you know that most brick houses are pretty resistant to fire? Obviously houses made from wood and some other materials have virtually no fire retardant qualities, but a brick house is surprisingly hard to burn down from the outside.So why then, do we see so many brick houses go up in flames during fire […]

The Art of Proper Window Roller Shutter Installation

June 20, 2016

  Whether you are a home or business owner, a very important priority is that of security. Just imagine seeing a neighbor, somewhat jittery, stops by to warn you that a burglary took place just a few blocks away the other night. As a Melbourne home or business owner, you have good reason to be […]

Roller Shutters vs. Internal Blinds

June 20, 2016

Many people feel that they need to make a choice between roller shutters and internal blinds. This is due to the fact that most do not understand that the two products are entirely different and their functions are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. To clear the misunderstanding, following is a comparison of the two […]

Commercial roller shutter applications

June 20, 2016

While virtually every building with loading docks takes advantage of some form of roller shutter to open and close loading bays, most do not realize that there are a couple of other ways roller shutters can both protect a commercial building and save money for the business. The Roller Shutter as an Environmental Barrier Many […]

Roller shutters or double glazing

June 20, 2016

Automatic Roller Shutter vs. Manual Roller Shutter vs. Electric Roller Shutter

June 20, 2016

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile and user-friendly blinds on the market. Truthfully, their versatility makes them suitable for both contemporary and traditional decor. They are the ideal choice for the modern home. They have a simple and clean design plus come in a wide variety of options. Automatic Roller Shutter Automatic roller […]

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