Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Window Shutters

When it comes to home security measures, nothing can be as profound as aluminium roller shutters. They are robust in nature and offer extreme security and safety to your home. Fischer Window Shutters is a leading company offering personalized aluminium roller shutters at affordable rates. We have set a benchmark for ourselves offering quality shutters to its clients. We have a range of windows shutters with different designs to suit your prerequisites.

Making of Shutters:

Aluminium is one of the most preferred materials in different industries due to its some incredible properties. The aluminium is moulded and designed to produce these robust aluminium roller shutters Melbourne. One of the main characteristics of aluminium is its weather resistance. In different extreme weather conditions of Melbourne, these shutters made by aluminium will offer sturdiness and dependability. That is the main reason to use aluminium in manufacturing these shutters.

Why Us:

Fischer Window Shutters is a reputed company supplying quality aluminium window shutters since 30 years and we have complete infrastructure setup to cater all your security requirements. We have a team of skilled professionals who are masters in their craft and produce quality aluminium shutters that can match world class standards.

Furthermore, we also offer installation services too. Our installers will complete the installation services effortlessly at your home. Also, when you buy aluminium roller shutters, you are entitled to get 10 years warranty on materials, parts and labour.

Quality is something we give much emphasis on and our products mirror it. An aluminium roller shutter you have bought from us defines the word- quality at its best. At every part of the manufacturing process, quality supervision is performed by the experts to offer you best product in the market.


If you are thinking that the maintenance cost would be something you can’t afford, you don’t need to worry. These aluminium roller shutters Melbourne don’t require much maintenance and you can expect almost zero money to spend on the maintenance part. All you need to do is to clean them at regular intervals and that is it.

By installing these aluminium window shutters, you are simply enriching your lifestyle as it will provide you much comfort and convenience that you were looking for. Once you have installed these shutters, security is the last thing you will be worrying about.

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