Automatic Roller Shutter vs. Manual Roller Shutter vs. Electric Roller Shutter


Roller blinds are one of the most versatile and user-friendly blinds on the market. Truthfully, their versatility makes them suitable for both contemporary and traditional decor. They are the ideal choice for the modern home. They have a simple and clean design plus come in a wide variety of options.

Automatic Roller Shutter
Automatic roller shutters are a modernized way to operate shutters. They offer a solution to opening shutters that are located in hard to reach places such as high windows where long cords or chains are not practicable. Automatic roller shutters provide privacy, decrease glare and remove the need for difficult manual adjustment. In addition, they can offer advanced features to improve security. For instance, your shutters can be programmed so that they open and close while you are away from home or the office.

Most automatic roller shutter have an innovative design and selection that can include different slat sizes, various type motors, automatic systems, control devices, wall-mounted wired control units and sensors. Moreover, there are integrated motorized products available for home automation systems that give you total control from just one controller.

Electric Roller Shutter
Electric roller shutters are similar to automatic roller shutters except there is no automatic system. With today’s latest technology, you can motorize just about every type of roller shutter. Basically, there are three types or roller shutters that can be motorized making it easy to customize and secure your home.

Tunnel Box Type: The box is entirely hidden in the masonry, giving it a natural and tidy appearance

Renovation Roller Shutter: It is backed onto the outside window frame, blending into the décor. It is available in numerous colors to fit your needs.

Accordion Shutters: Specially designed for lanais and curved balconies.

Combined Window Shutter: Artfully sets the shutter and window together in one block.

The benefits of the electric roller shutter include frost protection with motor power down feature in extreme weather, maximum electric openness and closure, obstacle detection and enhanced security from the elements or people. The key advantage of electric roller shutters is their convenience and security.

Manual Roller Shutters
Although manual roller shutters do not have the extra features compared to automatic or electric shutters, they offer a wide range of benefits. For one, they are a lot more cost effective, especially when compared to draperies. As well, they come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit your décor.

The biggest advantage of manual roller shutters is that they offer security at a lower cost. Additionally, they are a lot easier to troubleshoot if there are minor problems. However, manual roller shutters are not as convenient as automatic or electric roller shutters. With manual roller shutters you have to manually open and close the shutters each time.

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