Benefits of Roller Shutters


Whenever people get together and have a conversation where the topic of roller shutters arises, there is invariably someone who says something like, “Sure, they can keep out burglars, but who wants to run around the house every night and every morning opening and shutting them?”

This attitude not only wrongly disparages the product but the person who feels this way is shortchanging his or herself by failing to consider a window fixture that provides many important benefits.

First, roller shutters can dramatically reduce the costs associated with cooling a home. Even the best thermal insulated windows on the planet cannot prevent sunlight from streaming into a room and heating up objects within. Various types of blinds and curtains can partially prevent this, but of all the products in popular use, only roller blinds allow a homeowner to shut out 100% of the sunlight that would otherwise eat the energy being used to cool the room.

Second, roller shutters can often prevent burglars from targeting a home by their sheer presence. Thieves are attracted to the easiest targets available. Like a sign advertising a security system, the presence of roller blinds informs them that the person who owns the home has taken steps to avoid being an easy target. This powerful deterrent can save money and lives.

The third major advantage of roller blinds is that they protect from bad weather. Before every major tropical storm or tornado, it is very common to see panicked homeowners rushing around, nailing boards over windows and praying that they will be enough to protect the windows and interior of the home. The other common sight caused by these storms is people removing those boards and repairing the damage they caused when they put them up. In the meanwhile, those with roller shutters simply spent a couple of minutes closing the shutters over all their windows and opening them again after the storm.

The last obvious advantage of roller shutters is the ability to secure the home when the owner plans to be gone. When those without roller shutters head out on vacation, they leave their homes with the fragile hope that it will not be burglarized or damaged while they are gone. Roller shutters provide a far more meaningful and complete peace of mind for those who must leave a home empty for an extended period.

Anyone who thinks roller shutters are a one trick pony is cheating his or herself out of the opportunity to acquire a product that protects a home and its occupants in a variety of ways.

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