Commercial roller shutter applications


While virtually every building with loading docks takes advantage of some form of roller shutter to open and close loading bays, most do not realize that there are a couple of other ways roller shutters can both protect a commercial building and save money for the business.

The Roller Shutter as an Environmental Barrier
Many businesses consist of a work area and an office area. Both are connected and free access between them is essential, but this access comes at the price of one area’s environment encroaching on the other. A warehouse or manufacturing floor that is open to the office area can result in wasted money because cleaning costs will increase for a business that wants to maintain a presentable business center. In addition to the dirt factor, storage or manufacture areas tend to be less climate controlled than office areas. The money spent to keep the business center comfortable can fly right out the door as heat bleeds between it and the work area. Another factor that makes complete openness between the two sides of the business inadvisable is noise.

The perfect solution to welding these two distinct sides of a business into a single unit with thermal, physical and acoustic separation is to install a commercial roller shutter between them. By doing so, a business can allow free flow for people and equipment that needs to move from one part to another while maintaining separation during periods when such access is not required.

Roller Shutters over Windows
The second overlooked area where commercial shutters can save money is protecting windows. Vandalism is something any owner of any building must consider. When possessed by the spirit of destruction, few things are more tempting to a vandal than a large plate glass window. The inconvenience to the business and cost of replacing an expensive storefront window can be tremendous. While many opt for reinforced glass for such windows, even hardened glass can fail when faced with an object hurled from a moving vehicle or a determined vandal who chooses to bash the window with something.

While a commercial roller shutter creates a barrier that a vandal would need to physically get through to hurt the glass, the true value is the deterrent. Vandals are criminals of opportunity. They are looking for a chance to easily damage something and the very presence of a roller shutter in place makes it far more likely that they will choose another, easier target.

Commercial roller shutters have far more utility than as simple bay doors. Smart business owners who want to save money and protect the business would be well advised to learn the many ways these shutters can help them.

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