Roller Shutters vs. Internal Blinds


Many people feel that they need to make a choice between roller shutters and internal blinds. This is due to the fact that most do not understand that the two products are entirely different and their functions are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. To clear the misunderstanding, following is a comparison of the two products across several aspects.

Internal blinds are hands-down less expensive than roller shutters. There is simply no way that a fragile internal fixture with essentially one function can be produced or sold for the same price as a sturdy fixture that is made to resist the elements and other physical threats.

Sight Interruption
This is the single function of internal blinds. They provide privacy to those within the building or block annoying glare. While roller shutters can serve the same function, the need to make a trip outside to close them which is present in all non-mechanical roller shutters makes this the sole area where internal blinds win over roller shutters due to convenience.

Lower Cooling Costs
Blinds can lower cooling costs slightly. A light colored internal blind will reflect a great deal of the sunlight that falls on it, preventing that light from creating heat. It will, however, heat up from the sunlight that it fails to reflect. In contrast, roller shutters are extremely effective in this realm because they not only reflect sunlight, but as they are installed outside the room, any heat that develops does so outside as well. This difference alone eliminates much of the initial difference in cost between the two fixture types.

Protection from Burglars
Internal blinds can help prevent burglaries as a side effect. They prevent people from seeing into a building and this could theoretically prevent burglaries because potential intruders can neither see anything they might want to steal nor any people or animals they might encounter in the process. Roller shutters, on the other hand, create a literal barrier that thieves would need to fight through to enter the building. As this process would create a great deal of noise and burglars prefer to work quietly, the very presence of closed roller shutters provide a psychological as well as a physical deterrent.

As we have seen, roller shutters and internal blinds perform very different functions with overlap between the two being almost entirely incidental. Anyone who wants nothing more than an inexpensive way of keeping the neighbors from seeing in the windows should go with internal blinds. For virtually any other function, roller blinds are by far superior.

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