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It is a widely accepted fact that the main purpose of roller shutters for windows is maximum security for houses or businesses that have open fronts. How many TV shows and movies have you seen with robbers breaking into a house through a smashed window? Well, here at Fischer Window Shutters we make sure it does not happen to you.

The rigidity of the Aluminium alloy means that along with security and durability it provides for our customers a cheaper and more effective way of ensuring their security. The security shutters for windows have various benefits besides security; they work as wind and storm breakers, reduce noise, control the amount of light coming in and reduce the transfer of heat in and out of a house.

We specialize in Roller Shutters for windows

Using security window shutters is a cost effective method that can save you tons of money that you would spend otherwise on different options. They are used to protect your homes, shops, arcades, bars, doorways, entrances and any place that may be in danger of any sort of vandalism. So it is not just the noise and light that you are secure from but any factor that might threat you in any way.

The new and improved shutters, especially those that are electronic, accommodate you as you feel secured in your house with a simple push from a button. Here at Fischer Window Shutters we offer our expertise in the installation of these security shutters for windows. Between the many colour choices, the choice between manual and electronic, and the patented designs, the Fischer Window Shutters is your best bet out there.

To top the offers off, we provide a ten-year warranty for your roller shutters. Not only will you be secure physically, you will also be secure monetarily. For ten years, any problems that you face regarding the workings or security of the shutters will be dealt with by our expert repairmen. From your first approach to us to the last installation, your desire and acknowledgment will be our major priority. The company’s aim is to keep the installation personal. For all types of customers, it is surely the best and most secured window shutter option.

Quality Security Shutters in Dallas, Hadfield, Somerton, Coolaroo, Dandenong, Ringwood

Our security shutters in Dallas, Hadfield, Somerton, Dandenong, Ringwood and Coolaroo shutters have all the artistic assets of traditional timber shutters, yet are much more concrete as they provide a security fence and at the same time are practically maintenance free. Our security shutters are resistant to our punitive Australian climate. Hence if you are looking for security shutter in Dallas, Hadfield, Somerton, Dandenong, Ringwood or Coolaroo please don’t hesitate to call us.

Rest assured that these window shutters would be the most secure option for you; since glass is easily breakable and metal rods are expensive, the shutters are a cheaper and more durable option for a safe and secure home.

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