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The roller shutter repairs are usually less frequent and we at Fischer Window Shutters

Despite the fact that we come with a ten-year guarantee, it is impossible to assume that no problems ever will arise in our shutters and for any situation that may rise; our experts will be a call away. The repairs will be dealt with through experts who will visit your home and rate how much their services and the overall job will cost. Rest assured we will make sure that the rates are not too high.

Roller Shutters Repair

The roller shutter repairs are usually less frequent and we at Fischer Window Shutters are experts in repairing as well as the manufacturing of these shutters.

Our roller shutter repairs include fixing; broken cables, replacing the box winder, and updating a manual roller shutter to an electronic one. Our expert technicians can make anything possible for you.

The best thing about installing Fischer Window Shutters is that for us, it is all about keeping this experience as personal as we can. Therefore, after the installation is complete our employees are well aware of your shutters and therefore, any problems that you face regarding them will be managed as efficiently as possible.

The roller shutter repairs service involves a routine where an expert repair person will visit your place and analyse what the problem is. Remain assured that the cost will be based on the repairs and not the amount of hours put in to fix it. Our cost based system means that it will be efficient and will be accomplished as effectively as possible. You will in no way have to pay for long drawn out visits from the repair people.

Last but not the least, is the fact that at Fischer Window Shutters the shutter repairs are for all sorts of shutters. Their design, shape, structure and the fact that they are either electronic or manual does not matter. Our expert repair people are well equipped and know how to fix any of the different types of shutters.

Our service cost and quality are simply amazing. Moreover, this is not just our recent offer, but it has been our ten-year guarantee. Now what more could you want! To learn about our window shutters their variety and purposes, as well as the remarkable repairs that we offer, visit

Nor No Job’s Too Small Or Too Big

Here are some Features of Our Service and Repair Services:
  • We fix manual and electric window shutters
  • We also convert manual shutters to electric
  • Very fair rates for service work and parts
  • 12 months warranty on parts used and repairs
  • After hours servicing available
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