Tinted windows vs roller shutters


For the uninformed, tinted windows seem to be an inexpensive solution to a variety of problems. Sadly, they do not realize that the benefits they think exist with window tint are either woefully inadequate or absent altogether. In contrast, those who opt for roller shutters enjoy a product that serves these purposes far more completely.

They Believe Tinted Windows Discourage Burglars
Assuming the tint is dark enough, they are partially correct. The problem with this belief is that, unlike roller shutters, window tint is not present only when you desire. It is fixed to the window until someone undertakes the tedious task of scraping it off. If the window is covered in tint so dark that burglars cannot see into the home, then it is dark enough that it is difficult for the homeowner to see out. In addition to this limitation, extremely dark tint on all the windows causes the interior of a home to take on the atmosphere of a cave – not an atmosphere in which most people want to live.

They Believe Tinted Windows Reduce Energy Costs
Again, they are partially right. While dark tint on windows does virtually nothing to affect cooling costs except provide a nice dark heat producing surface for sunlight to strike, highly reflective tint can reduce energy costs. Reflective tint applied to windows again causes the problem of not being easily removed. While reflecting sunlight on a hot and sunny day is often a good thing, on a cool and cloudy day, maximizing the light that comes through the window may be preferable. Another consequence of reflective tint is annoyance and possibly danger to those outside the home. On a sunny day, reflective tint is like a mirror, casting a harsh glare at whatever the window faces. For neighbors in their homes or yards, this can be an annoyance that resembles someone shining a spotlight on them. For passing motorists, this can create a very real hazard as the glare can wash out their view of the road and any obstacles, pets or children near the road.

Tinted windows can actually provide some benefit to a home, but the semi-permanent nature of its installation and the problems it causes as it attempts to solve other problems make it a poor replacement for the many benefits that roller shutters provide.

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